Special terms for all members.



Special terms for all members.


Loss/suspension of licence insurance:

insurance covering violations such as speeding, tachograph failure, violation of road signs, etc.;

€50 daily compensation;

deferred monthly payment of premium;

service provided during FAI Service office hours, within 24 hours of the request.

Coverage for damages suffered by the vehicle owner, driver, defence of the vehicle owner against criminal charges, release of the vehicle from seizure.
Expense refunds for negligence charges, protection of the company against damages SUFFERED by third parties, civil claims in criminal proceedings, criminal defence in the event of negligence charges.
Deferred monthly payment of premium.

Policy providing coverage for:

compensation during hospitalisation for injuries, convalescence after hospitalisation, plaster casts and injuries;

24H coverage not limited to professional driving;

payment of damages according to the official table of INAIL, Italy’s national institute for insurance against accidents at work;

deferred monthly payment of premium.

Professional civil liability coverage for demonstrating fulfilment of financial capacity requirements.

Premium proportionate to the number of vehicles, with deferred monthly payment through FAI Service.

Third-party and employee civil liability insurance.
The policy covers:
damage suffered by company employees, damage caused to third parties, damage to the company’s property and goods in its custody, damage to vehicles during loading and unloading manoeuvres.
The principal benefits are:
no deductible on INAIL claim recovery; premium proportionate to the number of employees, with deferred monthly payment through FAI Service.

FAI Service offers a digital tachograph data analysis service including:

data filing;

displaying the driver’s activity;

analysis of violation of requirements for driving and rest time, national regulations and employment regulations;

preparation of letters of warning and notification of drivers;

automatic updating over the internet, with no need to install special software.